How-To: Miscellaneous Tips

It would be quite arrogant of me to profess to be an expert at "blinky-flashy." I am most definitely not an expert. I have been a credentialed professional at other things, but certainly not this. I am just another enthusiastic Christmas light hobbyist who's willing to share techniques and ideas, most of which I have learned from others. So in a sense, I'm just passing them on. There are many fellow hobbyists for whom I hold great admiration and thanks -- none of whom I have never met face to face but all of whom have helped me solve electrical, electronic or other problems along my sojourn in this endeavor.

These tips are in no particular order, although they probably should be... Maybe someday I'll categorize them, but for now, they're more-or-less stream of consciousness topics that come to mind after nearly twelve months of rather intense planning, construction and implementation. And evaluation. You should always step back from what you've done and review it. It's a great way to learn.




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